Round-up : Bridesmaid Style

Gone are the days of having your bridal party all wear the exact same, probably unflattering dresses. (thank goodness) The new tradition is a little closer to anything goes. Bridal parties are much more creative in their styling, and allow for more flattering outfits that are often better suited to individual personalities, and even encourage couples to include men in the bride tribe. This is amazing, but it can be a bit overwhelming. There are no wrong answers when it comes to your bridal party style, and if you have been struggling with what your bridesmaids (and/or bridesmen!) will be wearing we’ve got some inspiration for you in our round-up this week. From jumpsuits and classic elegance to unique individuality and stylish accessories we’ve got something to suit your wedding style.

Round-up : Best Boutonnieres

This week we reached out to a few Georgian Bay wedding florists to round up a selection of their favourite boutonnieres, because guys can wear flowers too! From classic and romantic to colourful and full of texture, there is sure to be a boutonniere in this list for you to love.