Wedding Inspiration: Fall Flowers

Have you noticed the chill in the air recently? Maybe the slight change in the colour of the leaves? Autumn is officially here and while local growers, like the team at Sideroad Farm, are mentally preparing for that first frost in the fields, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite flowers that are still blooming and never fail to provide the colours and texture you have come to expect in a fall arrangement.


Nothing provides texture in a fall arrangement quite like amaranth. It’s unusual, fuzzy finger-like spikes have a very relaxed and organic shape, every stem is unique, making it a lot of fun to work with. A full sun loving annual, amaranth makes for a great cut flower, typically used as a filler, with a long vase life. We’ve shown a few of the more popular upright varieties below, including Hot Biscuit, Autumn Palette and Red Spike.



Belonging to the amaranth family, celosia comes in many shapes and sizes from velvety cockscomb to the celway variety with their feathery plumes pictured below. Available in a wide range of bright colours from yellows and oranges to vibrant pinks and purples, they make a great filler or accent type flower in autumn arrangements.



Also known as globe amaranth, gomphrena is a hardy flower, blooming from summer well into the fall season until frost. It’s small and round shape makes for a fun pop of colour in arrangements. It also dries extremely well when you strip the stems of all leaves, tie in a bundle and hang upside down in a dry and dark space.



While they have been trendy in floral design for a little while now, grasses are particularly lovely in fall arrangements. whether grown in your garden or foraged from a patch of weeds they have unique texture and can be used to create interesting lines. I couldn’t tell you what this grass is called but it’s feathery, bottle brush type head, soft wheat colouring and delicate stem caught my eye where it had sneakily popped up amongst the amaranth. It’s the perfect finishing touch for any arrangement.



Words: Ashley Elaine
Photographer: Frances Beatty Photography
Flowers: Sideroad Farm