Wedding Inspiration: Summer flowers

We’re all about bringing you wedding inspiration, especially when it comes to flowers. When you think of summer, what comes to mind? For me, it’s the abundance of colours and textures that take over landscapes from the side of the road to farm fields and home gardens. One lovely summer morning we paid a visit to Amy in her magical flower field at Sideroad Farm in Walter’s Falls where she grows the most beautiful flowers. Supplying an abundance of blooms through their own farm store, the Collingwood Farmer’s Market and to floral designers like myself, she really knows how to grow them! She kindly shared a few of her beautiful flowers with us to play with, all organically grown with love and care of course! Read on to see some of the beauties that you might find in your summer wedding bouquets.


With their vibrant colours and soft fluttery petals, cosmos are a lovely cut flower throughout the summer season. They are a hardy annual plant that thrives in full sun and produces an abundant amount of blooms. Though it can be tedious, a little bit of time spent deadheading fading flowers will encourage plenty of new growth and keep the flowers coming all summer long. With their delicate stems and light blooms they float gracefully in arrangements and work well in both a rustic or more upscale, romantic design.

Summer ontario local flowers cosmos


A relative of delphinium, larkspur are an annual flower in a range of colours from white and pink to purple and blue. They are an early summer bloomer with a tall spike-like shape and clusters of flowers. They are beautiful for adding height to an arrangement and are also lovely for drying. Though you might be tempted, these should not be used near any food as they are toxic.

Summer Ontario local wedding flowers larkspur

Sweet peas

One of my very favourite early summer flowers, the sweet pea is the epitome of elegance. From it’s delicate fragrance to the most graceful petals and whimsical tendrils they are a true delight. With many varieties and a wide range of colours, chances are they will be used in everything I design while they are in season.

Summer ontario local flowers sweetpeas


Dahlias are truly an essential summer flower. Blooming in mid summer, they are a cut and come again kind of plant. Meaning that when you harvest the flowers, more will continue to bloom right up until the first frost. There are so many varieties but the ever popular Café au Lait dinner plate dahlia is perhaps one of the more sought after varieties for weddings because of it’s impressive size and soft velvety petals often ranging from creamy blush to a more colourful pink.

Summer Ontario local wedding flowers dahlia


Words: Ashley Elaine
Photographer: Frances Beatty Photography
Flowers: Sideroad Farm