Spring flowers

Spring. It’s the time of year we yearn for everything green and new and fresh. It’s the season of new beginnings and the reminder that warm summer days are on the way. Between the budding apple trees and lilacs, bright yellow forsythia and many other signs, the Georgian Bay landscape is showing lots of promise. To celebrate this beautiful shift in season, here are a few of my favourite spring flowers to design with.


No spring arrangement would be complete without tulips. With so many kinds of tulips out there, the options are seemingly endless. There are tulips with double the petals, ones with frilly edges, exotic looking parrot tulips, single tulips and many more. To enjoy tulips in your garden, plant the bulbs in the fall once temperatures start to drop for a beautiful show of blooms come spring. Though they are also loved by animals such as deer so if you are in a spot frequented by tulip loving animals, be prepared to lose a few blooms. When it comes to arranging with tulips, my favourite is the double tulip. They are full of petals, also known as peony flowering, and put on quite the show as they continue to open and change.

double tulips spring flowers in ontario


Typically blooming in mid spring, muscari stems are made up of little bunches of blue bell shaped blooms. Also known as grape hyacinths, the bulbs multiply easily and will provide flowers in your garden year after year. As a cut flower, these blue beauties may be delicate in size and shape but they pack a colourful punch when paired with other favourites like narcissus or poppies.

muscari spring flowers in ontario


Grown in a wide range of colours, ranunculus are known for their long vase life and layers on layers of delicate petals, making them a must have for many floral designers. While they aren’t seen as often in home gardens as other bulbs such as tulips, they are a very popular and highly sought after cut flower. I like to use them as an accent, floating gently above heavier focal flowers or feature them in a more minimal style arrangement and let their beauty truly shine.

ranunculus spring flowers in ontario

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your bridal bouquet, your kitchen table or for what to plant in your garden, these three beauties are lovely options. Tulips, muscari and ranunuculus will add that extra pop of colour we’re all craving by April & May.

Do you have a favourite spring flower? Leave a comment and share with us!


Words: Ashley Elaine
Photographer: Frances Beatty Photography